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  1. Facebook Follows Amazon and Google Into Drones With $60 Million Purchase
    Facebook is buying drone maker Titan Aerospace for $60 million.
  2. Gucci Focuses on Handbags with Sci-fi Social Video
    Italian atelier Gucci is putting the focus on its spring handbags with a new social video sporting a dark nightclub theme.
  3. China’s Luxury Boom Moves to the Web
    As the overall sector struggles amid a government crackdown on ostentatious spending and gift-giving, the urge to splurge online is growing strong.
  4. Basis Goes To Intel For Around $100M
    Intel has won the Basis auction, we’re hearing, at a price of around $100 million, according to one source. A second source pegs the deal at closer to $150 million.


  1. ShopSocially CEO: How Fashion Startups Must Harness Social Media
    Social media is a potential game changer for fashion startups, letting them stretch what is often a shoestring marketing budget to compete with much bigger brands for customer awareness and dollars.
  2.  Wearable Technology Set to Wow At Mobile World Congress
    Handi, portable, smartphone or simply a telephone. Whatever you want to call it, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona promises to showcase the best of the best.
  3. InteraXon Making Waves With Brain-Sensing Headband
    Fashion-friendly headband device designed to help calm hyperactive minds and improve concentration.
  4. Five retail trends to watch in 2014
    More than 2,000 local retailers, developers and franchisees gathered at the Gaylord National last week to discuss the changing retail industry.



  1. Fendi Partners With Google to Livestream Runway Show
    Fendi and Google have teamed up to create a new catwalk experience and are installing cameras on drones, powered by Parrot.
  2. What Happens When Data Geeks Run a Fashion Label?
    Business intelligence and data analytics are not words you usually hear uttered at a fashion label. But for Andrew Wolf and Gonçalo Reis, founders of Singapore-based fashion company Lift12, these terms are bread and butter.
  3. Photos Become Ads With New Technology
    A new technology starting to catch the attention of publishers, especially outside the United States, could further feed the debate over native advertising by turning any visual element on a web page, including editorial photographs and videos, into advertisements.
  4. U.S. Speed Skaters Struggle: Are High-Tech Suits to Blame?
    The U.S. speed skating team is desperately trying to make sense of its miserable performance during the first week of the Winter Olympics – and much of the speculation has turned to a new high-tech skin suit.

Apple Store Meetup

Screaming girls and Sherlock Holmes, what a way to open our Apple Store Meetup. If you arrived on time, you would’ve been met with an outpour of Benedict Cumberbatch fans, as we did a swift turn around to get ready for our event.

With a full house, it was time for us to reveal our 2014 Calendar and a special opportunity for founder Liz Bacelar to tell the story behind Decoded Fashion. We unveiled our plans for SXSW and the launch of the Fashion Hackathon and Summit for London this May. Not only that, but this year we have expanded our Meetup to create a global community to uncover the best tech in fashion. January saw us head to Toronto, whilst in March we will be in Dublin, Berlin and Singapore.

Up next fit solutions go to war and Metail- let battle commence!! With the CEO’s of both discussing different approaches to the problem of fit and how they are bringing return rates down. There is no doubt the tech is great but do customers use it? With the key issues across fit solutions being 3D representation, digitising clothes cheaply and size/shape of people against size/shape of clothing. It’s also about understanding consumer mindset and behaviour, do they need to learn to use a fit tool? And the bigger question to be asked to the retailers, do they prefer conversion sells vs reduced return? With both solutions collecting a huge database of “body shapes”, it’s clear that there is further potential in this data, yet to be put into practise. With Metail CEO Tom Adeyoola closing with “the past 5 years have been about putting infinite things on the internet, the next 5 will be about making choices”.

Diffusing the debate, CEO, Runar Reistrup introduces Depop, a mobile shopping app, that could be described as a little like Instagram with a buy button.  Yes, it is another social shopping app but what stands out is it’s network of influential sellers and it’s clever use of high profile social figures to help onboard users. It’s a great way for emerging designers to sell directly to the consumer, with Designer Katie Eary using Depop to sell her designs straight from the runway.

And finally, what a breath of fresh air when ShuffleHub’s two young founders took to the stage. With a dramatic intro and a book on the floor here is Shufflehub “taking away the work and bringing the feel good” to shopping. Taking us through the UX golden rules and introducing us to a humorous testing regime on hungover friends. “We get out friends drunk, and make them sleep over” just to prove it’s easy to use. Aiming for the purest and simplest browsing on the internet, one big button, easy shopping for when you don’t know what you want and also for when you do. We have a good feeling about these boys!

The podcast is now available for download on itunes.


  1. Social Media Fuels 21st Century Fashion Revolution
    The explosion of social media is perhaps the greatest revolution in fashion since Mary Quant’s mini skirt, transforming the industry’s branding and fan base.
  2. How Shoptiques is Helping Independent Boutiques Tackle E-Commerce
    Olga Vidisheva of Shoptiques introduces them to the world-and brings a world of new shoppers to them.
  3. 3D Printshow New York: Fashion and Technology Coverage in Live Catwalk Show Dedicated to Wearable Tech
    3D Printshow New York will feature a live catwalk show to showcase the latest 3D printed fashion designs and wearable tech.
  4. Disrupting the Fashion Industry
    How Israeli technology is changing the way you shop for fashion online.


  1. Consignment Startups Could Help Retailers Close the Loop on Product Lifecycle
    With a good enough premise, a fashion startup can build a community of thousands, all obsessing over the pieces that they want or need in their closets.
  2. Smartphone Shoppers See App-y Holiday Season
    As the holiday shopping season opens, shoppers will be armed with smart phones and an array of apps. Some will compare prices, offer gift suggestions, provide price alerts and more.
  3. My Wardrobe: Back from the Brink
    The ailing e-tailor loses its co-founder Sarah Curren, but then gets saved for a second time by a new consortium spearheaded by her ex husband, Andrew Curren.
  4. P1, a Chinese Tech Company Thinks it Can Predict Fashion Trends
    How Chinese techies are using street-style photography to predict fashion trends.


  1. Fashion Week Social Media Lessons Learned
    During Fashion Week, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and every other form of social media have been inundated with live-streams, tweets, posts and pins…
  2. Fifth & Pacific Sells Juicy Couture Brand for $195 Million
    Fifth & Pacific Cos Inc on Monday said it has agreed to sell its once-popular Juicy Couture business to Authentic Brands Group.
  3. Top 10 Luxury Brand Mobile Campaigns of Q3
    Luxury marketers called for greater participation and enacted educational endeavors to transform ordinary fans into loyalists and increase global awareness via mobile.
  4. All the Tech News You Shouldn’t Miss from the Past Month in Latin America
    Latin America’s startup scene had a busy month of September, with a flurry of deal announcements and corporate launches. Here’s a recap of the news you don’t want to miss.


  1. Mikoff and American Express Unstaged Program at NYFW
    She partnered with American Express as part of their American Express Unstaged program, which pairs artists and makes their collaborations available through digital media.
  2. Fashion Week Gets Tech Makeover: Models to Carry Moto X on Runway
    Moto X will be a prominent fixture at Made Fashion Week in New York this year, with some models carrying the customizable mobile device down runways.
  3. Rebecca Minkoff’s NYFW Must Have: Snapchat
    Rebecca Minkoff has enlisted the help of social media photo sharing app Snapchat, during New York Fashion Week.
  4. How to Get in on the New York Fashion Week Action, Techie Style
    As Women’s Wear Daily put it, ramped-up social media and live streaming have led Fashion Week to become a veritable “digital spectator sport.”


  1. Tumblr, Rebecca Minkoff and Nordstrom Team Up for Fashion Week Campaign
    Rebecaa Minkoff is using Tumblr to promote her next fashion show and a contest to discover talented models, photographers and artists.
  2. Social Media is the Least Effective Path to Traffic
    L2’s think tank’s new department store store index states that although it might depend from retailer to retailer, the traffic pulled via social media is no larger than 2.0%.
  3. Chanel Debuts New Collection Via Female-Focused Microsite
    Chanel’s new collection is being promoted through a video “for women only” created by Karl Lagerfeld and posted on a new Chanel microsite.
  4. Brands and the User-Generated Photo Conundrum
    Thanks to websites such as Pinterest and Instagram images is the new way of communication but these user-generated images are taking out the glamour from sites such as Rent the Runway.


  1. What Apple Revealed at WWDC 2013
    At WWDC on Monday, June 10th, we were introduced to the many changes Apple and its users will go through this fall. iOS 7 and iTunes Radio are a few.
  2. Barneys Targets Social-Savvy Men Via New Instagram Account
    Barneys has created a new Instagram account which is aimed only towards men and it hopes to attract the interest of a younger audience.
  3. An e-Commerce Match Made in Geek Heaven
    The brands ScotteVest and ThinkGeek have joined forces to create tech-influenced apparel.
  4. 3D Printer Maker Pirate3D Now Aims for $1 Million on Kickstarter
    Singapore’s first 3D company, Pirate 3D, has set a goal for $1 million on Kickstarter for “The Buccaneer” – its first 3D printer.
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