1. Smart Helmet Startup Wins Wearable Tech Award At The SXSW 2014
    The privately-owned Silicon Valley startup company Skully Helmets won the award for the Wearable Tech category at the 2014 SXSW Interactive.
  2. Carbon Wants To Kick That Smartwatch Off Your Wrist
    A new Kickstarter project also wants to be a contender, with the Carbon wearable solar charger.
  3. Google Is Making It Easier for Developers to Build Android Wearables
    With wristband fitness trackers, smartwatches and other tech wearables gaining massive traction, Google will be making it easier for developers to create these types of devices for its Android platform.
  4. 3M’s Magic Liquid Cannot Destroy Your iPhone
    The technology company 3M’s magic water, you can drop an unprotected iPhone and it will still work.


  1. Peter Pilotto: With Help From Cara Delevingne and Target Our Bright Prints Hit the Sartorial Sweet Spot
    The label has partnered with the budget US retailer on an affordable line, causing a frenzy in the process.
  2. Zooey Deschanel Teams with Tommy Hilfiger
    To Tommy, From Zooey is the name of the new capsule collection designed by Tommy Hilfiger and Zooey Deschanel.
  3. Pebble Debuts a Smartwatch-Only App Store
    The maker of the wearable device has just launched a one-stop shop for its users.
  4. Eye on E-Commerce: SnobSwap
    SnobSwap is an online marketplace where users can shop, sell and swap luxury clothing, handbags and accessories.


  1. Birchbox Collaborates with US Weekly for Red Carpet Inspired Beauty Box
    Birchbox, the emerging leader in e-commerce beauty products, and top celebrity gossip source Us weekly, announced a partnership to curate a special edition Birchbox just in time for awards season.
  2. Why Pebble’s New Watch is Dressy on the Inside and Out
    Presented at CES 2014 this week, Pebble, known for ‘putting apps and notifications on your wrist’ and breaking Kickstarter records, have unveiled a completely new design…
  3. Chinese Internet Giants Alibaba and Sina Weibo Partner Up to Launch Weibo Payment
    Sina Weibo, the microblogging platform often called “China’s Twitter,” has partnered up with Alipay to launch a new payment platform called Weibo Payment.
  4. Tech Fit for the Showroom, But the Runway Might Have to Wait
    The Navigate Jacket from Wearable Experiments uses GPS navigation and a mapping app on the wearer’s smartphone to signal directions. It’s part of a new trend of wearable tech that some speculate will be a billion-dollar industry.


  1. Trending Fashion Instgrams Can Now be Shopped
    E-commerce extension Keep, makes it easy to buy your favorite fashion items on the social network.
  2. Pebble Seeds Engineering Schools with $4K Free Smartwatches in a Bid to Drive Developer Interest
    Pebble revealed a new project aimed at education in which it will donate over 4,000 smartwatches to higher ed schools including Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford, Virginia Tech and many more.
  3. New ‘Mani Diaries’ App for Nail Art Lovers Helps Nail Design go Digital
    Mani Diaries is a free iPhone application that allows you to track, manage, and share pictures and details about your manicures and pedicures.
  4. Victoria Beckham is the Most-Searched Fashion Designer of 2013
    In the U.S., fashion icon and designer Victoria Beckham took the crown as the most-searched fashion designer of 2013.


  1. We Heart It Partners with Teen Vogue and Others
    We Heart It has 25 million monthly users, which represents a 25 percent boost from the number of monthly users it had just six months ago when it announced its $8 million Series A raise.
  2. Christmas Crisis? Better Fashion with iPhone
    When it comes to fashion your iPhone may make Christmas shopping a little easier as new breeds of intelligent app arise.
  3. The Ultimate Wearables Gift Guide
    We can’t get enough of wearables, including smartwatches, fitness tracking bands, and smart glasses.
  4. Fashion Line Features Solar Panels for on-the-go Charging
    Project aims to integrate photovoltaic technology into comfortable, wearable clothing.


  1. Kate Moss Joins the Vogue Team
    Kate Moss is to become a British Vogue magazine contributing fashion editor, with her first story due to feature in a forthcoming spring issue.
  2. Social Shopping App Depop Bags $1M Seed from Fashion-Focused Investors
    Depop, which was founded in 2011 but launched officially in April this year, has just closed a $1 million seed round, from several fashion industry-focused investors.
  3. ShoeDazzle Brings Back its Subscription Model
    Subscriptions are back at ShoeDazzle, the fast fashion women’s etailer that made the model famous, only to depart from it amidst a near-fatal CEO transition in late 2012.
  4. Adidas Announces Smart Watch for Runners
    Adidas announced on Wednesday it will be the latest company getting into the tech wearables space with a smart watch aimed at runners.


  1. Samsung and Qualcomm Make Foray into Smartwatch Market
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Qualcomm Inc unveiled smartwatches on Wednesday, tapping a potential “wearables” market worth an estimated $50 billion as the high-end mobile phone market becomes saturated.
  2. Digital Natives are Getting Front Row Seats at Fashion Shows
    Scan the most coveted seats of any hot Fashion Week show and you’re likely to see a similar mix of characters. From Fashionista and BuzzFeed Fashion to PopSugar Fashion and The Cut, a handful of industry-centric news sites have managed to make the transition from upstarts to established players.
  3. A Glimpse at the Future of Lucky Magazine
    With newly anointed editor-in-chief and digital doyenne Eva Chen at the helm, the glossy is coming into the times for consumers who are shopping online, offline and socially.
  4. 6 Sites for Selling Clothes You Don’t Wear
    Steal a trick from retailers and stock your storefront with what’s seasonally appropriate — maybe your unwanted fall clothes from last year.


  1. With $5M in Funding, Olapic Targets the Fashion Market
    The company’s flagship product, a platform that allows companies to collect (“crowdsource”) images and videos from social networks to display on their websites, has been adopted by major media brands and, increasingly, by fashion retailers.
  2. Fab Lays 100 in Berlin, Consolidates in New York
    After acquiring German company Casacanda in February 2012, Fab is shifting merchandising, marketing and operations to its New York City office to eliminate redundancies, CEO Brad Goldberg wrote in a blog post.
  3. Kreyos Smartwatch Crowdfunding Campaign Passes $1M in Contributions
    The crowdfunding campaign for the Kreyos smartwatch project has passed $1 million in support, proving once again that backers love them wearables.
  4. YouBeauty Gets $8.6M in Series A-1 Funding
    In a company statement, YouBeauty said the proceeds of the recent funding will be used to create more data-driven advertising tools for its advertisers.


  1. Facebook’s Graph Search Available to All in the US
    On Monday, July 8th, Facebook launched its new feature with which users can do a more thorough search.
  2. First 3D Printer Reaches High Street
    Chain electronics, Maplin, is the first company to sell 3D printers to customers which can print a variety of items including jewelry and shoes.
  3. Flash Sales Site Ideeli Raises $12M More
    Ideeli, the site that offers designer items on sale for a limited period, has confirmed that with this new investment, the site’s total funding is of $112 million.
  4. Almost Every Major Consumer Electronics Manufacturer is Now Working on a Smartwatch
    It is rumored that Apple has applied for an iWatch trademark but that’s not the only company going after smartwatches, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Sony are a few of the companies following this trend.


  1. Dozens of Top E-Commerce Retailers Find it Pays to Put Customers’ Instagram Photos on their Sites
    Olapic, the company that has received seed funding from Bonobos and Warby Parker allows brands to gather user generated photos from Facebook and Instagram.
  2. High Tech Meets High Fashion
    It’s no surprise that the bond between fashion and tech is becoming every day stronger. From 3D printed fashion to QR codes being incorporated into the fashion business, fashion and tech seem to work together perfectly.
  3. Blend Beauty with Science at Bite’s Custom Lipstick Lab
    Bite Beauty, the all-natural lip brand which used to be a part of Sephora, launched recently its first beauty lab in Soho.
  4. New Workout App for Pebble Shows Why your Wrist Might be the New Hotspot for Mobile Devices
    Pebble’s new app is based on the quite popular 7 minute workout and it is creating some buzz for the smartwatch brand.