1. Fashion Firms Try Wearable Tech
    The popular designer is launching a line of metal jewelry that incorporates a fitness tracker from Fitbit Inc., a San Francisco-based technology company.
  2. How Wearable Tech Goes From Geek Fad to Mega-Trend
    Wearable tech continues to be one of the hottest trends in the technology world. At every big tech event, the number of wearable devices available to consumers – wristbands, watches, gloves, glasses, helmets and armbands – seems to grow at an exponential rate.
  3. Computers in Your Underwear: Where Wearable Tech Must Go to Succeed
    While it’s common to see Google Glass at events such as SXSW, wearable technology is still on the fringe for many.
  4. Mobile Shopping App Paytm Challenges E-Commerce Rivals In India
    India’s nearly 100 million smartphone users are beginning to shop online at a pace that the country’s biggest
    e-commerce companies.


  1. Birchbox Collaborates with US Weekly for Red Carpet Inspired Beauty Box
    Birchbox, the emerging leader in e-commerce beauty products, and top celebrity gossip source Us weekly, announced a partnership to curate a special edition Birchbox just in time for awards season.
  2. Why Pebble’s New Watch is Dressy on the Inside and Out
    Presented at CES 2014 this week, Pebble, known for ‘putting apps and notifications on your wrist’ and breaking Kickstarter records, have unveiled a completely new design…
  3. Chinese Internet Giants Alibaba and Sina Weibo Partner Up to Launch Weibo Payment
    Sina Weibo, the microblogging platform often called “China’s Twitter,” has partnered up with Alipay to launch a new payment platform called Weibo Payment.
  4. Tech Fit for the Showroom, But the Runway Might Have to Wait
    The Navigate Jacket from Wearable Experiments uses GPS navigation and a mapping app on the wearer’s smartphone to signal directions. It’s part of a new trend of wearable tech that some speculate will be a billion-dollar industry.


  1. Consignment Startups Could Help Retailers Close the Loop on Product Lifecycle
    With a good enough premise, a fashion startup can build a community of thousands, all obsessing over the pieces that they want or need in their closets.
  2. Smartphone Shoppers See App-y Holiday Season
    As the holiday shopping season opens, shoppers will be armed with smart phones and an array of apps. Some will compare prices, offer gift suggestions, provide price alerts and more.
  3. My Wardrobe: Back from the Brink
    The ailing e-tailor loses its co-founder Sarah Curren, but then gets saved for a second time by a new consortium spearheaded by her ex husband, Andrew Curren.
  4. P1, a Chinese Tech Company Thinks it Can Predict Fashion Trends
    How Chinese techies are using street-style photography to predict fashion trends.


  1. Dunnhumby Launches Venture Fund for Retail Data, Marketing Startups
    Dunnhumby, the analytics and direct-marketing firm behind loyalty programs at Tesco and Kroger among others, is launching a venture fund to back startups in retail data, analytics and marketing technology.
  2. Click & Collect is eBay’s Answer to Amazon’s Lockers – with a Twist
    EBay announced a new “click and collect” service that will let its customers pick up purchased products from retailers rather than have them delivered to their homes.
  3. Facebook Partners with PayPal, Stripe, BrainTree to Autofill Billing Info in Mobile Commerce Apps
    Facebook wants to put an end to typing billing details on the small screen.
  4. Will Smart Watches Attract Fashion-Savvy Consumers?
    The quest by consumers for affordable fashion items with luxury labels has led to the popularity of designer-label watches.


  1. Online Fashion Rewards Set to Continue Says Reports
    After electronics, online fashion is the biggest market globally and the growth expectations are very high.
  2. Google: Motorola’s Tattoos Could Replace Passwords
    These tattoos, developed by MC10, the Massachusetts engineering firm, are composed of electronic circuits attached to the wearer’s skin.
  3. Re-commerce Gets a Revamp with Threadflip’s New iPhone App Build for an Exploding Mobile Audience
    Threadflip has revamped its iOS application user experience to help its customers access the marketplace in an easier way.
  4. Fleur du Mal Takes Sensuality to the Smartphone
    This lingerie store is opening pop-up stores around the globe and pairing them with mobile pop-up stores for the first time.


  1. Smart Cycling Helmet with Wireless Capability Monitors Heart Rate
    The Smart Cycling Helmet, an Indiegogo campaign, has raised over $50,000 in order to provide this newly efficient helmet composed by various features.
  2. Nike Who? Runtastic Boasts 25 Million Mobile Users
    Runtastic seems to be Nike’s new competitor due to its detailed app and tools that come along with it, available through Amazon.
  3. Reflective Biker Bags Made From Construction Vests
    These bags created by designers at Sputnik Zurich, were developed to alert traffic and drivers of the wearer’s presence on the streets while still looking fashionable.
  4. Smell-O-Vision on Your Smartphone: Scentee Sends Smells Instead of Texts
    The app Scentee, provides a smell when a text is received by adding a liquid refill to your phone.


  1. In Fashion, Tech Accessories are the New Fragrance
    It has come to the point were wearable technology is not only chosen by its functions but mainly by its looks.
  2. J.C. Penney Releases Apology Ad Begging Consumers to Come Back
    After the disturbance with ex-CEO Ron Johnson, J.C Penney has released an ad which “apologizes” to the consumers pleads for their return.
  3. Fab Launches its First Retail Store, Design-Your-Own Furniture is a company that has showed its growth throughout the years, this time, by allowing customers to customize their own furniture which will not only be offered online but also, through their newest brick and mortar locations.
  4. Smartphone Skinny Jeans Created with Today’s Tech in Mind
    These skinny jeans created by I/O Denim facilitate its consumers the process of reaching their phone (especially if they are in a rush).