1. How the Fashion Industry is Giving Tech a Hand
    For the fashion-conscious, wearable gadgets are currently not wearable. But at CES 2014, fashion moguls and global tech authorities are finally chatting about how to fix that problem.
  2. Are Fashion Designers Finally Getting Serious About Wearable Devices?
    The wearable device market  is one of the fastest-growing categories in consumer electronics, estimated to be worth somewhere between $30 billion and $50 billion in the next two to four years, according to an aggressive forecast.
  3. Virtual Reality Ready to Remake Shopping in Stores
    Give it a few more years, industry experts say, and the once ho-hum trip to the average store will be radically different.
  4. Nomi Continues Build-Out of In-Store Tracking Tools
    Of the current class of hot “omni-channel” startups, Nomi has managed to gather a lot of venture funding and press attention.


  1. True Fit and Demandware Partner to Accelerate Commerce Growth
    True Fit, a big data technology company providing leading fit personalization software to top retailers across the globe, announced it has become a Demandware LINK Technology Partner.
  2. Chairish Defies the Normal Shopping Norm with its Online Flea Market
    The company is releasing an iPhone app meant to help its most prolific shoppers check its wares as soon as they wake up.
  3. H&M Enters the Fitness Space with New Clothing Line
    The clothing giant is releasing a new athletic wear collection beginning next year.
  4. Fashion App, StyleEyes Claims to be the Shazam for Fashion
    Promising to be the genuine “Shazam for fashion”, it uses high-quality-image recognition.


  1. Monetate Raises $8M to Help Companies Target Online Customers
    Monetate helps companies such as Best Buy increase their sales through the analysis of information from multiple sources such as interactions with the web site, email data and search engine information.
  2. Knot Standard Lets You Order Tailored Suits and Menswear Right From Your Computer
    Knot Standard is an e-commerce company that lets customers buy and sell tailored suits and other menswear online.
  3. Mallzee is Like Tinder for Shopping
    allzee lets you see tons of potential shopping matches and accept or reject them at rapid speed.
  4. Elfster Brings Santa Online
    The website serves as a social media network for “Secret Santa” schemes and holiday wish lists.


  1. Bib + Tuck Has an App Now
    The startup is now pushing its product with the release of its first app, while sharpening its aesthetic perspective through a new rule, that users can only sell items from a list of approved brands.
  2. 6 Hot sites to find Sweet Shopping Deals
    It’s the time of year when you should be shopping for other people, but with all the shiny department store displays and sale signs, you can’t help but think of yourself.
  3. Fashion Retailer to Personalize Shopping in Flagship Store in NFC
    Swiss online fashion store is to use NFC to identify shoppers and drive personalized communications between the brand and its customers when it opens its first brick and mortar store in Neuchatel, Switzerland.
  4. Phoenix Incubator May Spark Creation of Arizona Fashion Hub
    Producing T-shirts bearing slogans such as “Chillionaire” and “Work Hard, Love Hard,” Scottsdale’s Michael Poulos hopes that his beach clothing line will inspire others to live their dreams.


  1. Instagram Competitor Mobli Gets $60M from Carlos Slim to Build a Visual Search Engine
    Mobile picture and video sharing platform Mobli, a competitor to other image-sharing services like Instagram, is today announcing a strategic investment that it hopes will help it catapult itself into the big leagues of mobile apps.
  2. Online Retailers Move into Brick and Mortar Stores
    A recent survey in the United States of the shopping habits of 18- to 25-year-olds suggests that just over two thirds of them – some 68% – prefer to shop in stores for clothing and shoes.
  3. The New Shopping Experience with Swirl
    A new app called Swirl has been developed to provide users with the ultimate shopping experience.
  4. Twitter IPO: Share Price of $26 Values Company at More Than $14BN
    Launch will make billions for Silicon Valley elite but investors remain unsure of firm’s earning potential.


  1. Slice the Shopping Email Companion Powered by Inbox Email Data, Raises $23M from Rakuten and Others
    Slice, the technology startup whose mission is to organize all commerce data by tapping into the information buried in your inbox, has closed on $23 million in Series B funding led by e-commerce giant Rakuten, often referred to as the Amazon of Japan.
  2. Online Shopping Game Asks Players to Chose the Priciest Outfit
    The mobile fashion app, Mall Madness, lets women play against their friends to prove they have an eye for fashion.
  3. Introducing Makeup Express, the New Way to Enjoy the World of Beauty
    Maybelline has taken the world of beauty by storm, with the release of the brand’s first ever beauty app, Makeup Express.
  4. Julie Wainwright Will Dress you for Success for Less
    Julie Wainswright is the CEO and founder at TheRealReal, a company that will help users find luxury goods for less.


  1. Not Just Razor Anymore: Dollar Shave Cub Introduces Wet Wipes for Your Other Sensitive Areas
    The razor startup that became popular due to its quirky video, is now adding wet wipes to their subscription options.
  2. BitFash is the Fashion E-store for Shoppers with Bitcoins in their Pockets
    Although the brands carried by this new e-commerce site are affordable, the currency used is bitcoins, something very few people have.
  3. High Tech Meets High Fashion at FashionWare CE
    The event hosted by the Digital Times will be taking place at the end of June and it will showcase emerging markets, best trends and fashion designers.
  4. How Styleprofile and Other Mobile Blinders Could Displace Asia’s Fashion Magazines
    Mobile blinders happen when magazines get ignored by customers because their attention is focused on their phones, due to this the magazine business has declined.


  1. Coco Rocha Joins PC MAg as Contributing Editor 
    Model Coco Rocha has always been involved in the tech world and now, she has taken it one step further by actually researching and writing about it.
  2. With Over 12M Users, Hopes its AdWords for Shopping will Stick
    The wishlist-making app called Wish has been technologically optimized by ContextLogic by adding ads to the app.
  3. CrowdOptic and L’oreal to Roll Out Huge Augmented Reality Demo
    San Francisco startup, CrowdOptic and beauty brand, L’oreal have teamed up to give the audience of the Luminato Festival a virtual gallery.
  4. Fashion Trucks Cruising Maryland for Customers
    It’s called FashN Stop and it drives around Maryland in search of customers. This truck, sells women’s clothing at a reasonable price.


  1. Givenchy Ups Mobile Traffic Via Product QR Code 
    Givenchy has placed a QR code on the packaging of its Le Rouge lipstick in order to connect consumers to its mobile-optimized site.
  2. Use Mobile to Lure Customers to Store, Keep Them There: Google
    According to a new Google study, mobile can be used to get consumers into the store and keep them there .
  3. Why People Won’t Buy Without Consulting Their Network
    The Hunt, a shopping site that helps users located fashion pieces they didn’t know they could find online by leveraging a passionate community of fellow shoppers.
  4. Sensoria Socks Technology Aims to Prevent Injury Before it Happens
    Created by Heapsylon, these socks rely on sensor-equipped textile materials and they not only track fitness but they also avoid injuries.


  1. Nike Teams up with NASA to Crowdsource Future Fabric
    Sportswear brand Nike, NASA, USAID and the US Department of State created in 2010 the global initiative called LAUNCH. This year, the focus is sustainable materials.
  2. MallWeGo is a Social Shopping and Gaming Platform to Make Buying Stuff More Fun
    Launched in Disrupt NY, 2013, MallWeGo aims to make the entire shopping process more entertaining.
  3. Virtusize Brings its Virtual Fitting Solution to The UK, Signs Deal with Fashion Retailer ASOS
    Virtusize partnered with ASOS in this virtual fitting room that unlike other virtual fitting rooms, it emphasizes the way a garment fits rather than the way it looks.
  4. Fashion Die-Hards Unite! Your Ultimate Fashion Playground is Here
    My Stylist is the newest fashion and social platform created by Refinery29 in which consumers get to hang out and give out fashion advice and opinions.