1. In Milan, Exhibition Aims to Convert Fashion Faithful to New Digital Gospel
    In a former Renaissance church, rigged with high-definition screens, infrared sensors and motion-tracking technology, art director Remi Paringaux is challenging the norms of fashion communication.
  2. Wearable Tech Makers Look to Push Boundaries
    Will your clothes and accessories change how you live your daily life? Wearable devices like smart watches, glasses and activity monitors were a big topic of conversation at South By Southwest Interactive this week
  3. Nowness Adds Shoppable Video Feature to Sell with Subtlety
    The LVMH-owned and editorially independent Web site Nowness has unveiled a new shoppable video feature to blend content and commerce.
  4. Google Eyes First U.S. Retail Location Near NYC Apple Store
    Google plans to open its first retail location in the United States in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, situated just around the corner from an Apple store, a new report suggests.


  1. Startups to Watch at SXSWi 2014
    Another year, another crop of upstart startups looking to use South by Southwest as a springboard to success.
  2. No Longer Clashing, Wearable Tech Embraces Fashion
    Wearable electronics have been stuck in a design rut. Bulky watches, bright wristbands and Roman-gladiator-meets-the-Jetsons arm straps have been the go-to look for manufacturers like Nike and Jawbone.

  3. A Look At The iBeacon Store Of The Future With Retail Startup Thirdshelf
    Montreal-based Thirdshelf had a fully functional demonstration retail store with iBeacon proximity based shopper customization in place.
  4. South Korea Gets the Startup Bug
    Tech geeks submitted hundreds of mobile apps last year to New York City’s first-ever “GapApp” competition.


  1. This Bluetooth Ring Is Like a Magic Wand on Your Finger
    We’ve seen interactive rings that receive alerts from your smartphone and even rings that will give you the current time in a unique way, but a new ring leapfrogs the rest by acting as a full-on control mechanism.
  2. Digital Innovation: Next Big Thing in Retail?
    Department store chain John Lewis is backing a Silicon Roundabout-style technology incubator – to be called “JLab” – to develop the next big thing for its stores.
  3.  Kickstarter Hits $1 Billion in Donations
    Kickstarter has been used to raise money for everything from a Zach Braff film to smart light bulbs. How much money? More than $1 billion, the company announced on Monday.
  4. App System Turns a Phone Into a Fetal Monitor
    For years, pregnant moms have pumped music into the womb with headphones. Now parents are piping sounds from the inside out.


  1. Can This Company Finally Get The Retail Fashion World Online?
    High-end fashion is one of the last holdouts against e-commerce. A virtual fitting room could change things–but the technical challenges are enormous.

  2. How Chicago’s Lending a Stronger Hand to Wearable Technology
    Think of Chicago tech firms, and the mind turns quickly to Groupon, GrubHub, Braintree and others birthed from Chicago’s tech incubators. Ask about Chicago wearable tech, and the list is more limited.

  3. Why the University Is the Ideal Startup Platform
    The entrepreneurial spirit at the university level is willing and eager: nearly 90 percent of young people believe that entrepreneurship education is important, according to the Young Entrepreneur Council.
  4. Samsung Gear Fit: The Most Promising Wrist Wearable to Date
    At Mobile World Congress 2014, Samsung didn’t just double-down on its investment in wrist wearables, it tripled-down, with the unveiling of the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit.


  1. Inconspicuous Branded Consumption Is the New Business Buzzword in Retail
    The reports offers a selection of case examples that highlight a shift in how we are behaving as consumers, and what businesses are doing to meet our needs.
  2. Topshop engages VP technology to live-stream fashion show to Oxford Circus Shoppers
    Topshop is to live-stream a virtual reality (VR) experience of its London Fashion Week show taking place at the Tate Modern, giving fashion fans the chance to virtually view the proceedings from its landmark Oxford Circus store.
  3. Flying First Class with New Technology
    In an industry first, Virgin Atlantic staff for its Upper Class Wing would be wearing Google Glass and other wearable technology in a pilot program lasting six weeks.
  4. London Lights Lead The LVMH Prize Finalist
    London designers Simone Rocha, Meadham Kirchoff, Ostwald Helgason, Thomas Tait, Yang Li, J JS Lee and Marques’ Almeida are among the 30 semi-finalists for the inaugural LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize.    

Burberry Group Plc CEO Angela Ahrendts At The London Stock Exchange

  1. Can Apple’s Angela Ahrendts Spark a Retail Revolution?
    When the Burberry CEO Takes over as Apple’s retail chief this spring, she’ll arrive with a sterling track record and an open, collaborative spirit that’s sure to shake things up in the executive ranks.
  2. Intel Partners with the Fashion Industry to Make Beautiful Wearables
    Intel has just announced that in the coming year, it’s partnering with fashion industry leaders like Barneys, The Council of Fashion Designers of America (the CFDA), and global fashion retailer Opening Ceremony to develop smart wristwear.
  3. CES 2014: What the Expect from Consumer Electronics in Las Vegas
    From 3D printing to curved TVs with smart wearables and Steam Machines in between.
  4. Connected Underwear Will Turn You On
    Connected sex toy company OhMiBod announced at the 2014 International CES show in Las Vegas on Monday panties that can be controlled by a partner…


  1. Why Shoppers are Fed up with Fixed Prices
    In the world of retail, a ‘one size fits all’ pricing system has been the accepted norm for generations, but why is this?
  2. InfoScout Tells Brands Who Buys What by Getting Meatspace Shoppers to Photograph Receipts
    Like Quantcast but for brick-and-mortar shopping data and not web traffic, launched to give consumer product brands insight into consumer demographics.
  3. Kiip Unveils New Mobile Ad Tool for Brands to Target Users by ‘Moments’ Across 1,500 Apps
    Mobile rewards and advertising platform Kiip unveiled a new way for advertisers to better target consumers: right when they’re in the moment.
  4. It’s Hard to Separate StyleSaint from its Founder Allison Beal
    Beal is a unique combination of a veteran fashion industry exec, style icon, self-taught technologist, and savvy builder of digital brands.


  1. JustFab Agrees to Acquire ShoeDazzle, Announcement Coming by Week’s End
    After months of rumors, we hear that negotiations between two of LA’s subscription fashion leaders are ending, and JustFab will soon be the proud owner of ShoeDazzle.
  2. Byco: Crowdfunding Fashion Next Big Designers
    Jesse Finkelstein has created an online “one-stop-shop” for designers that facilitates production, with a little help from investors large and small.
  3. Condé Nast Launches New Subscriber Service with Amazon
    Magazine publisher Conde Nast announced a major partnership with Inc on Tuesday in which the Internet retailer will handle print and digital subscriptions for glossy publications such as Vogue, Wired and Vanity Fair.
  4. Virtual Fitting Startup Virtusize Tries on Japan via Partnership with Online Fashion Retailer Magaseek
    Sweden’s Virtusize, one of a plethora of startups trying to solve the problem of how to “try on” clothes online, is rolling out in Japan via a partnership with Japanese online fashion retailer Magaseek.


  1. eBay Launches Salesforce-like Platform for Merchants, eBay Now to get Scheduled Deliveries
    The company revealed plans to bring scheduled deliveries functionality to its eBay Now delivery service and also launched a new platform for retailers.
  2. How Rocket Internet is Helping Boom the Future of Online Retail in Nigeria
    The group’s work in Africa takes place through Africa Internet Holding (AIH), a joint venture between Rocket Internet and emerging markets telco Millicom.
  3. MeUndies Launches Crowdhoster Campaign to Build Face-to-Face Video Chat into its Website 
    Subscription commerce startup MeUndieslaunched last year with the idea of sending its customers a new pair of underwear every month. Now it wants to revolutionize the way e-commerce companies do customer support by enabling face-to-face video chat right on the company’s website.
  4. At ModCloth, Vintage Fashion Goes Mobile
    Retro geek-chic site ModCloth, which sells new clothes in vintage styles, has done both, using customer feedback to decide what items and apparel lines to stock. It’s used that information to develop smartphone and tablet apps that are driving traffic and sales.

instagram video

  1. Instagram Will Get Video on June 20
    TechCrunch has reported that Instagram will soon be presenting a new video feature. We’re guessing this new development was born due to Vine’s recent popularity…
  2. Google Glass Program Matches Real Life Products to Users’ Pictures
    Fancy Color Search – an app for Google Glass created by social shopping site, Fancy – allows users to search for color-matching products on the site.
  3. Saks Lures Digital Audience to its First Louboutin US in-Store Boutique
    It is the first time that Christian Louboutin is opening a shop-in-shop in the US. The video campaign aims to bring in young women that belong to the Saks and Louboutin target consumer.
  4. Fashion for Technology Hits Retail
    With wearable technology we can see that fashion and tech are building a closer relationship. And much to people’s surprise, the tech world has occasionally gotten inspiration from the fashion industry.
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