Wearable Tech

1. Smartwatches and Google Glass in wearable technology showcase

Computing to be worn goes on show but is still in early stages, admit tech exhibitors.

2.The African Version of Amazon Will Emerge From Nigeria

Africa’s tech space, which has been defined and accelerated by the mobile phone, is undoubtedly growing as investors scramble toward the continent.

3.Poshmark Partners With The USPS To Create A Custom, Flat Rate Shipping Label

Poshmark, the mobile marketplace that lets women swap and sell items out of their own closets, is announcing a big partnership with the United States Postal Service

4. Is J Crew’s Sale To Uniqlo Off?

J CREW may be heading for an IPO, sources revealed today, as the sale of the company to Uniqlo owner Fast Retailing is looking less likely.




  1. Wearable Tech: Fashion That Looks Good and Reads Your Mind
    From Google Glass to health-tracking wristbands, it’s no secret wearable tech is on the rise. But just how far can technology enthusiasts and fashion designers see into the future?
  2. Pay Attention to These 8 Emerging Tech Hubs
    The world is well versed in the global innovation boom, but have you heard of what’s going on in Cyprus, Sweden or North Carolina?
  3. Poshmark’s Founder: Why Mobile Is Eating His Industry
    Manish Chandra, CEO of Poshmark, made a big bet on mobile when he launched his used-clothing e-commerce service.
  4. Nadella on Finding a ‘New Formula’ for Innovation at Microsoft
    One of the toughest tasks on new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s to-do list is figuring out how to shake Microsoft out of its innovation trap.


  1. Poshmark Lets Women Sell Their Clothes for Cash
    Ashton Kutcher and Rachel Zoe are both investors in Poshmark, a website and app that offers women a new way to sell their used clothing. Essentially, they can use Poshmark to turn their unwanted clothes into cash.
  2. New CEO Moves at Hermès
    Patrick Thomas has retired from his role as Hermès CEO. Axel Dumas, who was previously co-CEO, has assumed his responsibilities.
  3. iWatch+iOS 8: Apple Sets Out to Redefine Mobile Health, Fitness Tracking
    Apple has its sights set on another industry ripe for reinvention: the mobile healthcare and fitness world.
  4. Clothing Basics Double as Non-Invasive Health Monitors
    Mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo and material manufacturer Toray are working on a line of clothes that can read your vitals and connect them to your mobile…

Toronto has joined London, Sydney, New York and Milan to become the next host city for Decoded Fashion’s global fashion and technology meetup. Hosted by The Working Group, Toronto’s first leg kicked off with a keynote from Fashionotes, followed by the latest from three of Canada’s hottest startups Flixel, Kiwi Wearables and Fashion Forward. And if that wasn’t enough, we threw in a live 3D printing demo from Makelab!

dfFashionotes kicked things off with an exploration of the latest fashion and technology trends. As one of the only dedicated fashion and technology publications they are well placed to spot what’s hot – the rise of the flash sale, Instagram’s growing role in driving e-commerce and socially-integrated street style. They also gave us their top three startups to watch out for in 2014: The Cools, The Runthrough and Poshmark.

Fans of America’s Next Top Model will already be familiar with Flixel, creators of the cinematography-inspired “living photograph” which can be used to create digital campaigns, portfolio pieces, art pieces and more. Their team also provides consulting for brands and agencies, and offers a complete visual package using cinemagraphs to enhance any type of campaign.

Kiwi Wearables, creators of the Kiwi Move, joined us fresh from their CES Debut. The Kiwi Move is a smart activity tracker that sync it with internet-enabled devices whilst its supporting app analyses wearer’s behaviour and suggests improvements over time. Imagine a sleek device that clips to your collar that can help you track and organize your life.

Fashion Forward, a recent graduate of Toronto’s INCubes Accelerator, shared tales from the front lines of a new fashion startup. Their mission is to help consumers maximize the resale value of their wardrobe by giving them a place to list their unwanted clothes and browse for new items. They spoke candidly about the challenges that face a new startup in the space, giving the audience plenty of food for thought about what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur.











Reported by Holly Knowlman, The Working Group


  1. Dolce  & Gabbana Turn Tax Evasion Case into Fashion Inspiration
    Coins appear as motif throughout show in Milan, which some have suggested could be designers’ last…
  2. Digital Fashion Week Brings the Runway to Your Phone
    In a partnership between Youtube, Google+, Twitter and DFW Creative, Digital Fashion Week is the world’s first live streaming fashion week.
  3. Poshmark, the Mobile Place for Women to Swap and Sell Clothes, Crosses 1M Items Sold so Far this Year
    App downloads are key metrics for all mobile-focused startups, but not many early-stage companies in the space can cite revenue-generating figures alongside their user growth.
  4. Couture Collection Imagines a World of Zero Waste Fashion
    Daniel Silverstein is tackling the problem of textile pollution, fighting for a cleaner fashion industry.


  1. Samsung and Qualcomm Make Foray into Smartwatch Market
    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Qualcomm Inc unveiled smartwatches on Wednesday, tapping a potential “wearables” market worth an estimated $50 billion as the high-end mobile phone market becomes saturated.
  2. Digital Natives are Getting Front Row Seats at Fashion Shows
    Scan the most coveted seats of any hot Fashion Week show and you’re likely to see a similar mix of characters. From Fashionista and BuzzFeed Fashion to PopSugar Fashion and The Cut, a handful of industry-centric news sites have managed to make the transition from upstarts to established players.
  3. A Glimpse at the Future of Lucky Magazine
    With newly anointed editor-in-chief and digital doyenne Eva Chen at the helm, the glossy is coming into the times for consumers who are shopping online, offline and socially.
  4. 6 Sites for Selling Clothes You Don’t Wear
    Steal a trick from retailers and stock your storefront with what’s seasonally appropriate — maybe your unwanted fall clothes from last year.