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1. Mulberry CEO Resigns

Bruno Guillon steps down as CEO of luxury brand Mulberry.

2.Chinese Internet: Mobile Wars

“China’s internet conglomerates are the largest private companies in the country by market capitalisation.” Inefficiencies in the Chinese state sector and the arrival of the mobile internet have created opportunities for internet and tech companies.

3.PayPal’s CTO On The Bumpy Road To A Comeback

James Barrese, CTO of PayPal, speaks about his decision to use disruptive technology.

4. WiFi-Enabled Onesie Is A Walking Music Library

The so-called BB.Suit features built-in WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC.


  1. Condé Nast Venturing into Global E-commerce
    Condé Nast operations on both sides of the Atlantic have joined forces to break into the global e-commerce game, with the first shoots of new business set to appear before the end of next year.
  2. Jackthreads’ Cyber Weekend Highlights: $3M in Sales, 70% of Traffic from Mobile
    After launching a completely revamped Android app two months ago, Jackthreads says it saw more than 70 percent of traffic between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday coming from mobile devices.
  3. This Bra Texts You to Stop Eating
    Lingerie can be fun, exciting, and even empowering. But can (and should) it also be used as a calorie zapper?
  4. Video Featuring Disabled Fashion Mannequins Goes Viral
    Pro Infirmis, a Swiss charity, has defied the fashion industry’s idea of perfection by providing disabled mannequins that encourage everyone “to reflect on the acceptance of people with disabilities.”


  1. Fashion Week Social Media Lessons Learned
    During Fashion Week, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and every other form of social media have been inundated with live-streams, tweets, posts and pins…
  2. Fifth & Pacific Sells Juicy Couture Brand for $195 Million
    Fifth & Pacific Cos Inc on Monday said it has agreed to sell its once-popular Juicy Couture business to Authentic Brands Group.
  3. Top 10 Luxury Brand Mobile Campaigns of Q3
    Luxury marketers called for greater participation and enacted educational endeavors to transform ordinary fans into loyalists and increase global awareness via mobile.
  4. All the Tech News You Shouldn’t Miss from the Past Month in Latin America
    Latin America’s startup scene had a busy month of September, with a flurry of deal announcements and corporate launches. Here’s a recap of the news you don’t want to miss.


  1. Introducing the #BOF500
    The Business of Fashion is delighted to announce the BoF 500, an innovative, multi-channel initiative, exploring the people shaping the global fashion industry, curated by the editors of BoF and powered by social media.
  2. Shopular Wants to Makes Retailers Less Afraid of Mobile
    Shopular notifies users about deals at nearby retail stores based on their interests and current location.
  3. Ministry of Supply Lands $1.1M to Expand its Tech-Savvy Men’s Line
    Founded by a couple of MIT grads in 2010, Ministry of Supply set out on a mission to breathe a little fresh air into the starchy world of business attire.
  4. With ShopGodt, Pinterest Meets Yelp to Help Fashionistas Make Online Purchases
    ShopGodt is a Pinterest-meets-Yelp site for upscale online shoppers.


  1. Dolce  & Gabbana Turn Tax Evasion Case into Fashion Inspiration
    Coins appear as motif throughout show in Milan, which some have suggested could be designers’ last…
  2. Digital Fashion Week Brings the Runway to Your Phone
    In a partnership between Youtube, Google+, Twitter and DFW Creative, Digital Fashion Week is the world’s first live streaming fashion week.
  3. Poshmark, the Mobile Place for Women to Swap and Sell Clothes, Crosses 1M Items Sold so Far this Year
    App downloads are key metrics for all mobile-focused startups, but not many early-stage companies in the space can cite revenue-generating figures alongside their user growth.
  4. Couture Collection Imagines a World of Zero Waste Fashion
    Daniel Silverstein is tackling the problem of textile pollution, fighting for a cleaner fashion industry.


  1. BeachMint Founder, President and Investor Rebuke Report About the Startup’s Implosion
    PandoDaily reported on Wednesday, July 3rd, that the social commerce company had tanked but this was far from being true.
  2. Free People Goes Mobile
    The clothing company has recently launched a mobile app which give VIP treatment to some of its users.
  3. Friends Take Fashion to the Streets
    Abby Kessler and Katie Lubieski are the founders of Smak Parlour, a fashion startup which has started selling its clothes through a truck and in the future, a mobile app.
  4. Concept Clothing Responds to Social Situations
    Lilian Hipolyte Mushi is the creator of a clothing line which responds to the wearer’s interaction with people.


  1. Fendi Reveals Web Presence, Adds Mobile Capabilities
    The fashion house, Fendi, has updated its online site and made it tablet and mobile optimized so users can browse easily on the go.
  2. W Magazine Reveals a Brand New Website
    The magazine is looking to raise its online audience by presenting a new website with a a mobile site included.
  3. Rachel Zoe Partners with Crowdstar on Mobile Fashion Game
    Covet Fashion, the mobile fashion game by Rachel Zoe and Crowdstar allows users to dress virtual avatars and later on, shop the look.
  4. iPad Backpack Helps Cyclists Communicate with Drivers
    iBsckpack integrates a tablet with a smartphone via Bluetooth in order to signal the drivers behind the cyclist of their next move.

Results of a Google search on Ebay on monitor in Encinitas, California

  1. eBay to Make True Window Shopping a Reality with New NYC Virtual Retail Stores
    Debuting its new “shoppable window” virtual store over the course of this month, eBay has created this in order to help Fifth & Pacific Companies Inc. sell its new line of Kate Spade Saturday Clothing.
  2. A New Step in Wrestling with the Bra
    The famous undergarment brand, Jockey, is reinventing the bra size and fit.
  3. Tech Entrepreneur Buys La Perla
    Silvio Scaglia, the founder of telecoms group Fastweb, has recently bought lingerie company, La Perla, at a court-led auction.
  4. Mobile Phones & Keyboards Projected onto Palms
    Masatoshi Ishikawa and his team at the University of Tokyo have come up with a “human tech” project in which a mobile, computer screen and keyboard will be projected into hands or moving objects.


  1. Online Fashion Rewards Set to Continue Says Reports
    After electronics, online fashion is the biggest market globally and the growth expectations are very high.
  2. Google: Motorola’s Tattoos Could Replace Passwords
    These tattoos, developed by MC10, the Massachusetts engineering firm, are composed of electronic circuits attached to the wearer’s skin.
  3. Re-commerce Gets a Revamp with Threadflip’s New iPhone App Build for an Exploding Mobile Audience
    Threadflip has revamped its iOS application user experience to help its customers access the marketplace in an easier way.
  4. Fleur du Mal Takes Sensuality to the Smartphone
    This lingerie store is opening pop-up stores around the globe and pairing them with mobile pop-up stores for the first time.


  1. Smart Cycling Helmet with Wireless Capability Monitors Heart Rate
    The Smart Cycling Helmet, an Indiegogo campaign, has raised over $50,000 in order to provide this newly efficient helmet composed by various features.
  2. Nike Who? Runtastic Boasts 25 Million Mobile Users
    Runtastic seems to be Nike’s new competitor due to its detailed app and tools that come along with it, available through Amazon.
  3. Reflective Biker Bags Made From Construction Vests
    These bags created by designers at Sputnik Zurich, were developed to alert traffic and drivers of the wearer’s presence on the streets while still looking fashionable.
  4. Smell-O-Vision on Your Smartphone: Scentee Sends Smells Instead of Texts
    The app Scentee, provides a smell when a text is received by adding a liquid refill to your phone.
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