1. Fendi Partners With Google to Livestream Runway Show
    Fendi and Google have teamed up to create a new catwalk experience and are installing cameras on drones, powered by Parrot.
  2. What Happens When Data Geeks Run a Fashion Label?
    Business intelligence and data analytics are not words you usually hear uttered at a fashion label. But for Andrew Wolf and Gonçalo Reis, founders of Singapore-based fashion company Lift12, these terms are bread and butter.
  3. Photos Become Ads With New Technology
    A new technology starting to catch the attention of publishers, especially outside the United States, could further feed the debate over native advertising by turning any visual element on a web page, including editorial photographs and videos, into advertisements.
  4. U.S. Speed Skaters Struggle: Are High-Tech Suits to Blame?
    The U.S. speed skating team is desperately trying to make sense of its miserable performance during the first week of the Winter Olympics – and much of the speculation has turned to a new high-tech skin suit.


  1. New York Holiday Windows go High Tech
    Futuristic visions and frigid scenes — replete with snow and icicles indoors — are popular themes this year.
  2. Scoutfit Launches Online Shopping Tool
    A downtown L.A. startup has launched, trying try to solve one of the biggest conundrums in online shopping: Do you buy that pair of shoes full price or gamble that those kicks will later go on sale?
  3. Rounding Off the Retail Experience with Quick Delivery
    They say that patience is a virtue, but when it comes to online retail, waiting for a business day or five for a product to come is a significant bump in the road to shopper gratification.
  4. Innovations Drive Sustainable Clothing
    Industry leaders convened last week in Istanbul at the Textile Exchange’s 2013 Textile Sustainability Conference to share solutions to enhance the integrity of products and practices in apparel and textiles.


  1. eBay Adds 200 “Trendsetter” Star Curators, More Social Features to its Marketplace
    The influence of social media continues to extend beyond platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and now, eBay is throwing its hat into the ring.
  2. Harper’s Redesigns its Website and Embraces Branded Content
    Harper’s Bazaar is joining the growing list of media properties whose publishers are supplementing more traditional forms of advertising with sponsored content.
  3. Who Killed the Magazine App?
    The Association of Magazine Media (MPA), the magazine publishers trade group,this month reported some seemingly encouraging results for an industry that’s become all too used to bad news.
  4. NorthFace Cashes in on High-Tech Gear and Mountain Cred
    A risky bet on hard-core climbers, skiers, and other outdoor enthusiasts is paying off for North Face…


  1. Boris Johnson Proposes “London Visa” for Job Applicants in Tech and Fashion Industries
    Tech experts and fashion designers could bypass the often lengthy and expensive process of the UK’s current visa system
  2. Use Google Glass a New App Glashion to Buy Fashion Items You Spot on the Go
    At the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 hackathon, Glashion made it’s debut, providing a way for Google Glass wearers and users to buy fashion items they spot on the go.
  3. Live Streaming Fashion Week: What’s the Point?
    In most cases, live streams are mundane, and watched by very few people.
  4. Get This Season’s Latest Shoe Trends at ShoeMint
    With fall just around the corner, new shoes are a necessity and the best place to find a variety of styles and sizes is ShoeMint.


  1. StyleSaint Raises $4.3M to Turn Crowd-Inspired Designs into Designer-Quality Clothing
    Fashion e-commerce startup StyleSaint taps the wisdom of the crowd to design collections of clothing that it produces locally and sells online.
  2. Fashion GPS, the Platform for Organizing Fashion Week, Looks to Serve Event Planning Industry More Broadly
    Fashion GPS, the creator of a number of iOS apps and web services for coordinating the logistics of fashion week, has released a new app targeting the broader world of special events planning called Events GPS.
  3. Kay Cohen Launches New High-Tech Lingerie
    Kay Cohen, the designer is making a splash with lingerie that features new 3-D technology.
  4. New E-Skin Brings Wearable Tech to the Next Level
    Scientists at the University of Tokyo have developed a flexible sensor thinner than plastic wrap and lighter than a feather…


  1. Pub Shows How Bitcoin Will Work for Retail
    The Penbury Tavern in London is the first bar to accept bitcoins as currency.
  2. Wanelo: The Online Shopping Site Built by a Woman for Women
    Wanelo’s founder hopes to inject the shopping experience with more interactivity.
  3. Canadian Startup BRIKA Attempts to Bridge the Gap Between Makers and Consumers
    BRIKA helps artisans, designers and makers speak to their target audience.
  4. High-Tech Ways to Look Good
    Newly high-tech devices from the beauty industry promise salon results at home.