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Apple Store Meetup

Screaming girls and Sherlock Holmes, what a way to open our Apple Store Meetup. If you arrived on time, you would’ve been met with an outpour of Benedict Cumberbatch fans, as we did a swift turn around to get ready for our event.

With a full house, it was time for us to reveal our 2014 Calendar and a special opportunity for founder Liz Bacelar to tell the story behind Decoded Fashion. We unveiled our plans for SXSW and the launch of the Fashion Hackathon and Summit for London this May. Not only that, but this year we have expanded our Meetup to create a global community to uncover the best tech in fashion. January saw us head to Toronto, whilst in March we will be in Dublin, Berlin and Singapore.

Up next fit solutions go to war and Metail- let battle commence!! With the CEO’s of both discussing different approaches to the problem of fit and how they are bringing return rates down. There is no doubt the tech is great but do customers use it? With the key issues across fit solutions being 3D representation, digitising clothes cheaply and size/shape of people against size/shape of clothing. It’s also about understanding consumer mindset and behaviour, do they need to learn to use a fit tool? And the bigger question to be asked to the retailers, do they prefer conversion sells vs reduced return? With both solutions collecting a huge database of “body shapes”, it’s clear that there is further potential in this data, yet to be put into practise. With Metail CEO Tom Adeyoola closing with “the past 5 years have been about putting infinite things on the internet, the next 5 will be about making choices”.

Diffusing the debate, CEO, Runar Reistrup introduces Depop, a mobile shopping app, that could be described as a little like Instagram with a buy button.  Yes, it is another social shopping app but what stands out is it’s network of influential sellers and it’s clever use of high profile social figures to help onboard users. It’s a great way for emerging designers to sell directly to the consumer, with Designer Katie Eary using Depop to sell her designs straight from the runway.

And finally, what a breath of fresh air when ShuffleHub’s two young founders took to the stage. With a dramatic intro and a book on the floor here is Shufflehub “taking away the work and bringing the feel good” to shopping. Taking us through the UX golden rules and introducing us to a humorous testing regime on hungover friends. “We get out friends drunk, and make them sleep over” just to prove it’s easy to use. Aiming for the purest and simplest browsing on the internet, one big button, easy shopping for when you don’t know what you want and also for when you do. We have a good feeling about these boys!

The podcast is now available for download on itunes.


  1. Michael Kors is Fashion’s Newest Billionaire
    Fashion icon Michael Kors has flirted with billionaire status for over two years, ever since his eponymous company went public in December 2011. But now he has finally arrived.
  2. Moda Operandi Releases First App in Time for Fashion Month Orders
    This month, Moda Operandi, a site that allows shoppers to place pre-orders on runway fashions a few days after select shows, is hoping to further boost sales with the release of its first app.
  3. Experience NYFW with Rebecca Minkoff
    This New York Fashion Week Rebecca Minkoff will not just be bringing her designs, the always digital savvy fashion designer will also be bringing her passion for fashion and technology to the runway.

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  1. Zappos Mogul Tony Hsieh’s Latest Bet: High Tech Fashion
    On Thursday, Bow & Drape announced a $1.2 million funding round led by Zappos founder Tony Hsieh and his VegasTechFund.
  2. The Hottest App at NYFW
    With New York Fashion Week just around the corner, it’s time to get your fashion week schedules organized fashionista, lucky for you the CFDA has an app for that.
  3. Flink is an Addictive Mobile Fashion Experience to Discover New Looks
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  4. Beauty Startup Polls the Crowd for New Product Ideas
    New business uses unconventional methods to ensure their consumer is getting exactly what they want.


  1. We Heart It Partners with Teen Vogue and Others
    We Heart It has 25 million monthly users, which represents a 25 percent boost from the number of monthly users it had just six months ago when it announced its $8 million Series A raise.
  2. Christmas Crisis? Better Fashion with iPhone
    When it comes to fashion your iPhone may make Christmas shopping a little easier as new breeds of intelligent app arise.
  3. The Ultimate Wearables Gift Guide
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  4. Fashion Line Features Solar Panels for on-the-go Charging
    Project aims to integrate photovoltaic technology into comfortable, wearable clothing.


  1. True Fit and Demandware Partner to Accelerate Commerce Growth
    True Fit, a big data technology company providing leading fit personalization software to top retailers across the globe, announced it has become a Demandware LINK Technology Partner.
  2. Chairish Defies the Normal Shopping Norm with its Online Flea Market
    The company is releasing an iPhone app meant to help its most prolific shoppers check its wares as soon as they wake up.
  3. H&M Enters the Fitness Space with New Clothing Line
    The clothing giant is releasing a new athletic wear collection beginning next year.
  4. Fashion App, StyleEyes Claims to be the Shazam for Fashion
    Promising to be the genuine “Shazam for fashion”, it uses high-quality-image recognition.


  1. Bib + Tuck Has an App Now
    The startup is now pushing its product with the release of its first app, while sharpening its aesthetic perspective through a new rule, that users can only sell items from a list of approved brands.
  2. 6 Hot sites to find Sweet Shopping Deals
    It’s the time of year when you should be shopping for other people, but with all the shiny department store displays and sale signs, you can’t help but think of yourself.
  3. Fashion Retailer to Personalize Shopping in Flagship Store in NFC
    Swiss online fashion store is to use NFC to identify shoppers and drive personalized communications between the brand and its customers when it opens its first brick and mortar store in Neuchatel, Switzerland.
  4. Phoenix Incubator May Spark Creation of Arizona Fashion Hub
    Producing T-shirts bearing slogans such as “Chillionaire” and “Work Hard, Love Hard,” Scottsdale’s Michael Poulos hopes that his beach clothing line will inspire others to live their dreams.


  1. Consignment Startups Could Help Retailers Close the Loop on Product Lifecycle
    With a good enough premise, a fashion startup can build a community of thousands, all obsessing over the pieces that they want or need in their closets.
  2. Smartphone Shoppers See App-y Holiday Season
    As the holiday shopping season opens, shoppers will be armed with smart phones and an array of apps. Some will compare prices, offer gift suggestions, provide price alerts and more.
  3. My Wardrobe: Back from the Brink
    The ailing e-tailor loses its co-founder Sarah Curren, but then gets saved for a second time by a new consortium spearheaded by her ex husband, Andrew Curren.
  4. P1, a Chinese Tech Company Thinks it Can Predict Fashion Trends
    How Chinese techies are using street-style photography to predict fashion trends.


  1. Facebook Moves into Mobile Retargeting to Capture Brands’ Holiday Spend
    Facebook is making a bigger push to be the king of mobile and social advertising this holiday season with a new mobile advertising product.
  2. Google Finds a Fashionable Champion in Diane von Furstenberg
    Diane Von Furstenberg hosted the first shoppable Google+ Hangout, one in a series to be held by CFDA designers. 
  3. Hermes Launches a Retro Dinner Pop-Up Shop
    After releasing the app Silk Knots to give advice on how to wear their colorful silk scarves, Hermès has followed up with a pop-up venue that opened on October 1st called “Silk Bar.”
  4. The Future of Wearable Technology
    We’re at the dawn of a new industry loosely called “wearable technology” that may have reached $4.6 billion in sales around the world already this year.


  1. eBay Tiptoes into Brazil with Launch of Fashion Mobile App
    The app will feature clothing, jewelry and accessories for sale, and can be displayed in both Portuguese and English.
  2. Etsy Debuts Pinterest-Like Curation Platform for Brands – Pages
    The feature allows brands to create curated pages of items from Etsy, which users can buy directly from the marketplace.
  3. Online Retail Sites Showcase Virtual Shopping Mavens
    Brands are realizing that influencers are more powerful than an advert…
  4. Fashion’s Move to Digital Commerce
    For slower retailers and fashion houses, this move to digital commerce threatens their very existence.


  1. “Fashion Too Scared to Innovate with Tech” Says Ex Topshop Marketing Chief
    Justin Cooke says that despite fashion week campaigns, many brands are still taking too long to exploit social media, personalization and the power of data.
  2. Harbingers of Apps to Come, Here Are Four Google Glass for Fashion Hacks we Saw at Disrupt
    With an abnormally high population of Google Glass owners in one convention center andShopStyle’s API open to participants at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, it should come as no surprise that a number of hacks combined the two.
  3. London Amps Digital to Make Fashion Week More Public than Ever
    Fashion shows weren’t live-streamed five years ago, nor did designers reveal behind-the-scenes snapshots over Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Today, those are a matter of course…
  4. Vogue Shoots Editorial Solely for Instagram
    Vogue commissioned photographer Michael O’Neal to shoot three fashion stories on nothing but an iPhone.