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  1. Wearable Tech Startups Pitch Their Wares at SXSW 2014 Some of the hottest new ideas for wearable technologies.
  2. iPad DJ Launches Lightwave To Provide Wearable Today, a new startup called Lightwave is using wearable technology to provide analytics around live events for performers and artists.
  3. Paris is For Lovers or for Startups? Paris is known for many things, including fine art, fashion and food, but tech startups? Mais oui! Artistic, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, ready to subvert conventional business models and make big money.
  4. Nasty Gal Founder Plans Brick-and-Mortar Expansion This Year
    The fast-growing e-commerce site for vintage-inspired fashion, is gearing up for its first brick-and-mortar store.


The much anticipated National Retail Federation took place this week, introducing ways to improve the retail industry; some of these included the incorporation of social media and consumer feedback. Fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff explained this during one of her presentations: “Right now, social media is key to building a community around a brand. Now I can post a picture of a bag on Instagram and get automatic feedback on what my customers like, love and are utterly obsessed with. User feedback is vital to growing a lifestyle brand.”

Not only was this year’s event bigger than ever, it was also filled with special announcements from the 500 exhibiting companies. Since Fashion-Tech is our thing, we thought we should go over some of the highlights…

Many companies have chosen 2014 as the year to launch their first fashion app. These include Guess Inc. which, has recently launched an app that offers its users a personalized shopping experience as well as customer service and promotions. New app developments include SAP, Starmount and Manthan; all of them dedicated to establish a more detailed target market and give consumers a unique and personalized shopping experience along with loyalty programs.

Macy’s also shared some news during NRF. The company is implementing a new technology which allows it to increase efficiency as well as inventory accuracy. This RFID technology also enables Macy’s to enhance customer experience and drive sales. The name of this technology – TrueVue Inventory Display Execution by Tyco Retail Solutions.


The biggest buzz was created by Microsoft as it announced its partnership with Vantiv, a payment processing vendor. This new merging will allow for easier payment collection via mobile, individual direct sales transactions, as well as improved customer experiences.

One of the most influential panels this year was moderated by CNBC Power Lunch co-anchor Sue Herrera, featuring fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff, President of Nordstrom Inc., Blake Nordstrom, founder and CEO of Caruso Affiliated, Rick Caruso and founder of Sprinkles Cupcake, Candance Nelson. The theme of the panel was Re-imagining Main Street – How Brick and Mortar Retail Will Thrive in the 21st Century.

Many ideas and opinions were discussed throughout the panel but in the end, the verdict was unbiased.


In order to thrive as a retailer, whether it be an e-commerce platform or a brick-and-mortar store, the company must try to gain customer loyalty by offering consumers a unique shopping experience that is both interesting and customizable.



  1. Seventeen is First Major Fashion MAgazine to Join Snapchat
    Seventeen Magazine has joined Snapchat and is looking for followers, making it, according to a Snapchat representative, the first major magazine to join the messaging service.
  2. Ami Opens the Virtual Doors to its New E-Store
    Brand designer Alexandre Mattiussi throws open the virtual doors of the label’s first-ever e-store, allowing fans abroad the chance to get any item from the bricks-and-mortar establishment shipped directly to them from Paris.
  3. How to Make $150,000 with a Pair of Blue Shoelaces
    Jake Bronstein helped jumpstart a pair of super-durable blue shoelaces (yes, shoelaces) via Kickstarter, and the fund has drummed up nearly $150,000 so far.
  4. Forget E-commerce: Shopify Wants to Transform All Retail, Everywhere, Every When, Every How
    Shopify is reinventing retail — and retail systems — one seller at a time.


  1. The Hunt Releases an iOS App
    Catering to a smartphone-happy user base that skews young and female, the fashion site The Hunt has released its first iPhone app.
  2. Beauty E-Commerce Company Julep Joins the Pop-Up Trend and Returns to its Brick-and-Mortar Roots
    It wasn’t long ago that we were were all heralding the death of the brick-and-mortar store. With e-commerce startups and Amazon and free shipping, how could physical locations compete?
  3. Guerlain Fetes World’s Largest Beauty Store via Google Hangouts
    France’s Guerlain is inviting consumers to virtually step inside its newly renovated Parisian flagship boutique with a guided tour on Google+ Hangout on Air Nov. 22.
  4. Sydney Fashion Week Adds E-Commerce
    IMG unveiled plans to add a new two-day consumer-focused showcase to supplement the trade event, as well as an e-commerce initiative that will offer consumers spring 2014 merchandise straight off the runway.


  1. Nasty Gal is Opening a Store
    On Thursday, Sophia Amoruso – the e-tailer’s founder – announced the company’s first brick-and-mortar location via her Twitter account.
  2. ShopKeep Goes Custom, Releasing a Speedy New System for Holiday Shopping
    ShopKeep POS is releasing a new version of its iPad-based sales management system to cut checkout time in retail locations.
  3. Why Companies Desperately Need to make Wearables Cool
    Both consumer electronics and apparel are notoriously difficult businesses competing in mature industries.
  4. StreetHub Brings “Click & Collect” to Independent Retails
    A new online marketplace. StreetHub, has launched to help independent retailers tap into the growing “click & collect”.


  1. Instagram Competitor Mobli Gets $60M from Carlos Slim to Build a Visual Search Engine
    Mobile picture and video sharing platform Mobli, a competitor to other image-sharing services like Instagram, is today announcing a strategic investment that it hopes will help it catapult itself into the big leagues of mobile apps.
  2. Online Retailers Move into Brick and Mortar Stores
    A recent survey in the United States of the shopping habits of 18- to 25-year-olds suggests that just over two thirds of them – some 68% – prefer to shop in stores for clothing and shoes.
  3. The New Shopping Experience with Swirl
    A new app called Swirl has been developed to provide users with the ultimate shopping experience.
  4. Twitter IPO: Share Price of $26 Values Company at More Than $14BN
    Launch will make billions for Silicon Valley elite but investors remain unsure of firm’s earning potential.


  1. Warby Parker: The Tech Startup that Isn’t a Tech Company After All
    The media likes to categorize Warby Parker as an ecommerce company, but CEO and co-founder Neil Blumenthal says that’s a very narrow characterization.
  2. Nordstrom Optimizes Mobile Ads for New Fall Products
    Nordstrom is building a leverage in the m-commerce market by enabling users to browse products on an ad without leaving the original site.
  3. Tumblr Partners Bloggers with Designers for Fashion Week
    Tumblr has partnered 20 NYC-based bloggers with 18 designers and two unspecified organizations for two-week “apprenticeships” leading up to the shows.
  4. Shopify Launches Point-of-Sale System to Unify Online Brick-and-Mortar Retail
    Shopify, the online storefront provider that helps around 65,000 retailers reach their customers on the web, announced on Wednesday a new retail point-of-sale solution that uses iPads for its terminals.


  1. Gilt Launches First Brick-and-Mortar Retail Store
    Gilt, the online store, will be opening its first brick-and-mortar store in Kentucky which will feature high-end designer items at a 90% off retail price.
  2. Grasping for a Vine: Video for Instagram Will be Sole Reveal at Facebook Event Thursday
    As it was announced later this week, Instagram will be adding a video feature to their app, which will be revealed on Thursday via a Facebook event.
  3. Tencent Leads $150M Investment in Fab, Hinting at Upcoming China Launch and WeChat Monetization
    Thanks to Tencent, a Chinese company, Fab is now valued at more than $1 billion since announcing Tencent’s Series D investment of over $150 million.
  4. RetailMeNot Files for IPO, Shows Coupons Really Are Sexy
    The world’s largest digital coupon marketplace filed for a proposed initial public offering with the maximun aggregate offering price of $230 million.


  1. Inside the Storeenvy Pop-Up Shop, Where E-commerce Meets Brick-and-Mortar
    Storenvy is an online marketplace that allows its users to sell their merchandise through the site’s digital storefronts.
  2. Steve Case’s $20 M in Lolly Wolly Doodle Proves the Value of Social Commerce
    The company of Steve Case, AOL’s founder, has made a big investment in Lolly Wolly Doodle, a kid’s clothing manufacturer.
  3. Fashion Meets Tech with Stella & Dot
    Jessica Harin is the Founder and CEO of the company Stella & Dot (named after both her grandmothers). Her vision for her company is to create a savvy environment for the modern, working woman.
  4. Smart Socks Act as Your Running Coach
    Sensoria Fitness Socks are the latest development by Heapsylon which display an activity tracker and lets the user know how hard they are exercising.


  1. How Does Edgerank Fit into Facebook’s New News Feed?
    Described as a personal newspaper by Marc Zuckerberg, Edgerank focuses in unifying the News Feed design across multiple platforms.
  2. Planet Money and Kickstarter: Is Web-Based Crowdfunding the Future of Public Media?
    NPR’s show, Planet Money, decided to tell the story of t-shirts fabrication and economic cycle. What better way to do this than through an actual t-shirt?
  3. How to Close the Gap Between Online and Brick-and-Mortar Retail?
    Learn about Hointer, a retail company that is introducing a new kind of shopping experience by combining brick-and-mortar with online shopping tools.
  4. Parson’s Electronic Symphony
    Parsons, The New School for Design has partnered along with The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra to create innovative, symphonic garments that play along with music.