1. Fendi Partners With Google to Livestream Runway Show
    Fendi and Google have teamed up to create a new catwalk experience and are installing cameras on drones, powered by Parrot.
  2. What Happens When Data Geeks Run a Fashion Label?
    Business intelligence and data analytics are not words you usually hear uttered at a fashion label. But for Andrew Wolf and Gonçalo Reis, founders of Singapore-based fashion company Lift12, these terms are bread and butter.
  3. Photos Become Ads With New Technology
    A new technology starting to catch the attention of publishers, especially outside the United States, could further feed the debate over native advertising by turning any visual element on a web page, including editorial photographs and videos, into advertisements.
  4. U.S. Speed Skaters Struggle: Are High-Tech Suits to Blame?
    The U.S. speed skating team is desperately trying to make sense of its miserable performance during the first week of the Winter Olympics – and much of the speculation has turned to a new high-tech skin suit.


  1. Pinterest Opts in to Do Not Track
    The company will be offering its users personalized recommendations and that means Web tracking. The feature can be turned off, however, and Pinterest will respect the Do Not Track protocol going forward.
  2. With 2 Million USers Fashion App Pose Introduces Advertising
    The ads aren’t typical banner display units, fixed to the top or bottom of the app: Instead, they’re modified takes on the app’s standard “pose” and appear in-stream with poses uploaded by regular users.
  3. Crowdsourcing and Fashion: An Interview with Loni Edwards, Founder and CEO of Stitch Collective
    Loni Edwards is Founder and CEO of Stitch Collective Inc, Co-Chair of the Harvard Law Entrepreneurs Network, and Mentor at Andover Thought in Action.
  4. Wearable Tech Strives to Become Fashionable
    Leading the pack at the moment is Google Glass, the groundbreaking eyewear that is still in pilot phase.