As London Fashion Week draws to a close, we took a moment to check out some of the tech that made the headlines for us.

Livestreaming enables us to watch the shows anywhere we choose, or in the case of Topshop through a shop window. This season Topshop made this illusion come to life, collaborating with 3D agency Inition to create a virtual front row in the windows of their flagship store on Oxford street. Five Topshop fans had the opportunity to wear Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets & headphones, giving them a front row ticket to watch the vibrant A/W14  collection walk down the runway sitting in the window of Topshop.

Next up, Fyodor Golan’s collaboration with Nokia, his collection consisted of a piece that still has us reminiscing about his show: a £68,000 skirt that was made up of 80 Nokia Lumia 1520 Smartphones. Whatever happened to the classic pencil skirt? Golan has clearly tossed that trend out the window. The bell-shaped mini-skirt was broadcasting snaps of colored visuals, which looking like butterfly wings that were beating away.

Milan Fashion Pitch finalists Wowcracy made their mark, with their online fashion platform that enables you to purchase high quality fashion before it lands on the market.  They  pre-sold a new collection live from LFW, launching Milan based designer, Flavia La Rocca’s A/W14 collection on the opening day of LFW.  Flavia La Rocca’s collection is a combination of sustainable materials and exquisite design,  made available to buy through Wowcracy  before hitting the stores in Autumn.

And finally, the “Twitter Mirror” made a debut at LFW, with Matthew Williamson giving it some serious showtime. The “mirror” was set-up like a photo booth backstage for celebrities, models, make-up artists, and a whole lot more to snap their selfies. All could be spied upon Matthew Williamson’s Twitter feed and under the ever evolving  #OhMW.

Reported by Anisa Sojka

DSC_3668Last week, Decoded Fashion landed permanently in London with the launch of its Meetup. There is no better way to kick off Fashion Week than with some Fashion-Tech action in the heart of East London.

Firstly we would like to thank our host, DigitasLBi, who provided us with a fantastic space to embark on our London venture. Liz, our Founder, made the transatlantic crossing to host the event as we talked the ins and outs of mobile and retail technology.

Industry chat came from ASOS’s Duncan Edwards, DigitasLBi’s Ilicco Elia, and, investor, Frederic Court who told us that 30% of his investments are in mobile tech. Duncan admitted to being a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to tech but he’s not alone as ‘the industry is learning to walk when it comes to mobile [technology]’. He revealed that ASOS allows them to try things, which he says ‘makes it all very playful and an exciting time for [his] team’. It is clear that content is key in driving mobile sales, particularly when the mobile experience is more about the time consumers spend browsing.


Elia has experience working across many industries. He discussed how ‘mobile + shopping + fashion is more about discovery, not search’. He says this is because users are in a different mood when using mobile devices, which also ties in to creating great content. Moving onto future trends in mobile, Elia envisions that personalisation is set to become key, explaining that this would be ‘not the user as the designer, but designs will be matched to the user’.

 Next, Frederic Court cited the type of opportunities he is interested in when discovering new talent and why investing in mobile is exciting for him. He told the audience ‘it makes it easy for consumers to create content for fashion retailers to use to convert to sales.’

Moving onto our startup showcase, we kicked off by Skyping with Chirp.io to demonstrate mobile technology’s power to create an experience through sound, specifically through ‘chirps’. Using chirps, Decoded Fashion Meetup bounced photos around the room. We are excited to see what opportunities it presents to the fashion industry– watch this space for an upcoming Fashion Week announcement.

Next up, Italian startup Styloola who offer profiling and mobile shopping experiences for small independent boutiques. On the consumer side, if you like discounts these are your guys. They will find all the best offers for you whilst keeping you informed as you shop.

Poq Studio are a favourite of ours. We’ve really seen them grow as a brand since first meeting them at Seedcamp Week. They have produced some interesting stats, including the slightly staggering ‘not having a mobile site is like closing your shop for four months of the year.’ What really impresses us though is their three part approach: making it easy to shop, the multichannel experience, and the emotional level. This is what makes their apps so appealing. And lets not forget their theory about our emotional attachment to our iPhones (scary but true!).

We finished up with Tapestry who describe themselves as ‘digital air between physical stores and eCommerce’. The app they trialled with Diesel allows users to collect and curate their own items in store and then purchase from anywhere using their mobile. It is beginning to bridge a gap between consumer behaviours and retailers, with a hope to get us closer to measuring ROI.

600_280578092What a great way to kick off our London reign! Now it’s official: Decoded Fashion are NYLON